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Reginald Gant is a man of many dreams who is out to serve the masses. He is a 4X author and Founder of Serve4Men, LLC and the SERVE principles, which is a personal development vehicle used to educate men, fathers, and husbands. He equips and encourages them to step into their leadership roles as protectors and providers by challenging them with the question “why not me” instead of allowing them to settle for less so that they can live life with a clear conscience and without regret. Reginald’s purpose is to assist men in finding their way because there is no manual or guide for manhood and fatherhood.

Reginald serves through offering leadership & coaching programs, providing legal services, estate planning, identity theft protection, career/professional development services, men’s meet up and real talk sessions, and through hosting and leading various community events and efforts, locally and virtually.

Reginald Gant is a human resources expert and business owner. He and his wife, Hennither Gant, own and operate, Career Image Solutions, an HR Consulting firm that specializes in assisting career seekers, start-up businesses, and established businesses with an average of 50 employees or less. He also serves as the leader of the men’s ministry at his church in Randallstown, MD.

As devoted husband and father of 5, Reginald’s life’s motto is simple:
“SERVE to be a blessing to others!”

Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

Serve Yourself to Greatness - The Reason Why God Created Us

What does it mean to serve? Imagine a world where we all served ourselves to greatness. This workshop will break down the acronym S.E.R.V.E., what it means, and how we can apply it to our own personal greatness.

Men Protect What Matters Most - How Men Can Protect Themselves, Their Families, and Their Business

This workshop is geared to educate men on the importance of protecting everything that matters the most. What is the point of building an empire, creating wealth, or starting a business, if we fail to protect it? What we fail to protect, we lose.

Your Greatness Unleashed - The World is Waiting on You

We were all born with seeds of greatness within us. This workshop will equip you to reach down within to become your greatest self. You will discover what greatness is and why you need to unleash it.

Your Greatness Unleashed

Your Greatness Unleashed will leave you feeling empowered to become all that you can be through tapping into your inner warrior and with practical application that can be utilized immediately in your daily life.

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